Bible Speaks from the Throne

Enough has been Said

Romans 6:1

After a most amazing display of truth through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Romans 5:7-21, we read in Romans 6:1, "What shall we say then?" With a heart full of love and touched by the grace of such an Almighty God, Paul pens those words, "What shall we say then?" After explaining the security that sinners have in the hands of our God and the grace that wraps us in the bundle of eternal life so that it is impossible to be plucked out of His hands, Paul writes, "What shall we say then?"

To the one who has grasped the message, there is need for nothing more to be said. Enough has been said. Perhaps, after Paul wrote these words, there were moments of praise and love toward God as he communed with Him through the Holy Spirit and the truth of this mysteriously wonderful love. How can we add to it? Enough has been said. We can search for words to explain and expound this truth. We can pray that God grants us utterance as we preach the Gospel to allow us a view into the unsearchable riches of Christ. But by reason of God Himself controlling our human spirit, affecting our mind, emotions and will, we simply bow in adoration and love in fellowship with a God so faithful. It doesn't make us want to live in sin or to go away from God; it prompts us to respond in love. These words are the result of what has been sufficiently communicated to a heart that is after God.

James 3-5

December 18, 2018

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