Bible Speaks from the Throne

Silencing the Rooster

Matthew 26:75

The rooster that crows reveals the security we´ve obtained without Jesus Christ as our life. Peter can be so thankful to Jesus Christ for the sound of the rooster. The prophetic utterance of Jesus Christ tells Peter about a situational revelation to strip him of his self-confidence.

Peter, who walked in the boldness and self-confident attitude of his own natural design, soon realized that he could do all things only through Christ. Any attempt outside of God´s life sooner or later would produce the crowing of a rooster to his own heart. He was checked by the all-knowing authority of God to have all things through Christ. Everyone´s performance, everyone´s ministry, everyone´s dedication, faithfulness, and devotion must be through Christ. God has ordained that, or else, as He has told us already, the rooster will certainly come.

What is Peter´s privilege? To draw near. To discover His life by situational faith. Situational faith is the faith I choose to exercise in any given situation. Thousands of people never discover their experiential salvation. Rather than fainting in the weariness of striving, or living continually in the restlessness of an abstract experience, we fill the vacuum with situational faith. Our life is to be lived by a faith that works by love. Rather than attempting to succeed in a different method, only to hear the rooster crow once again, let us silence the rooster by embracing Him by faith in the trial at hand.

Deuteronomy 1-3

February 16, 2019

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